Academic Integrity & Citation Workshop

Understanding academic integrity principles and how and when to cite is an essential skill you need to succeed when studying at York.

This workshop, facilitated by a small team of librarians, will teach you:

  • What academic integrity is and how it helps you at school and beyond your academic work
  • What plagiarism is and how to avoid it when writing and completing assignments
  • How to approach making evidence-based arguments by acknowledging the work of others
  • How to work with integrity by properly citing your sources using APA or MLA styles
  • Ways to find key resources to help you create in-text and reference list citations in APA or MLA style

This session will be interactive and include a few scenarios/cases we will review.

Oct 22 from 12:30-2:00pm on Zoom
If you still have questions after the session, hang back! We will have our Peer Academic Leaders available on the zoom call until 3:00pm to answer your questions and offer additional tips.

This session requires registration. To RSVP click here.

Facilitated by York University Librarians
Hosted by Founders College