An Introduction to Moodle

August 27, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm America/Toronto Timezone
Atkinson Building, lower level, Room 029 (eServices Office training lab)
An Introduction to Moodle @ Atkinson Building, lower level, Room 029 (eServices Office training lab)

This introductory workshop provides an overview of how to use your Moodle course Website(s). At the end of this workshop, participants will leave with the ability to:

  1. Upload content
  2. Create and organize weekly/topic course format;
  3. Employ Resources & Activities (including linking to useful internal and external sites such as MLA, CMS or e-Journals);
  4. Activate Forums (Discussions & Announcements)
  5. Use analytical tools and understand their benefits for example: the progress bar, completion tracking, activity reports, course participation reports and course logs.

If you would like to stay for another 30 minutes we will dedicate some HANDS ON HELP for your Resource Management. At this brief session, you will learn how to employ specific Moodle resources such as: File (PPT, PDF, DOC, XLS), URL (link to videos, permalinks, web links), Page (include hypertext links and embeds), Folder (multiple files and subfolders), Label (heading/divider used to organize info within weekly unit), and Book (organize multiple manuscripts within Table of Content and navigation buttons). You will learn the specific advantages of choosing the file to be opened in an independent window or tab, versus just being opened, or being forced to download.

To sign up for training please complete the eLearning training registration form. For more information, visit the eServices Office website.