Kitty Lundy Memorial Lecture

"Our Divide is Inside Us"

Performance & Lecture Featuring: KINNIE STARR

The 2018 Kitty Lundy Memorial Lecture features artist and activist Kinnie Starr to speak with and perform for the York University community. Starr’s career as a visual artist, musician, published author and spoken word artist has taken her around the world. Her current visual work touches on her areas of interest in race, home, family and humanity. She has worked in youth arts activism and mentorship and aims towards helping LGBT and First Nations youth — and ALL kids — find their voice and power.

The Kitty Lundy Memorial Lecture

The annual Kitty Lundy Memorial Lecture honours the late Kitty Lundy, an admired educator of sociology who was associated with York’s former Atkinson Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies from 1986 to 1989. Wide-ranging in her accomplishments and interests, Ms. Lundy felt particular concern for the fields of education, occupations and women’s studies, and demonstrated a keen commitment to students pursuing their studies on a part-time basis. To honour her memory, the Lundy family established the Kitty Lundy Memorial Fund, which supports the annual lecture.


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Kitty Lundy 2018 poster