SOSC TA FOUNDATIONS: Participatory Learning Webinar (all SOSC programs)

Dr. Natasha May (Educational Developer, Teaching Commons) 

Adapting Participatory Learning Activities for the Online Classroom

Are you wondering what to do in class to keep your students engaged and participate? In this session we’ll look at a framework for organizing classes that will help you embed participation throughout, focusing on the different purposes for participation in class. We’ll use some features in Zoom so you can experience them as a participant that will help you decide which you may want to try in your own classes. The main focus will be on different activities you can engage your students with, focusing on the key outcomes for your classes, and then how to adapt these activities for the online classroom, if needed.

Topic: Participatory Learning Webinar (see poster)

Time: Tuesday, September 22, 2020, at 13:00 - 15:00 Toronto time 

Join Zoom Meeting: E-mail Natasha Tusikov or your Nathalie DiLorenzo, Program Secretary for the link.

TAs from all SOSC programs welcome.

Next Webinar is October 20: Grading Strategies