"Political Law – A Very Short Introduction”

November 28, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm America/Toronto Timezone
McLaughlin College Lunch Talk Series
140 McLaughlin College SCR
Vicky Carnevale
416 736-2100 ext. 33824

Presented by Gregory Tardi

The 43rd federal general election is now part of Canadian history.  The task of scholars and observers is not only to find the right questions to ask about the event, but also to draw the lessons from this process.  There can be no doubt that the event was democratic, because voters had freedom of choice leading to self-government.  However, the more profound issues are whether the election was conducted according to the rule of law, following the precepts of the Supreme Court; and whether the electoral process met the requirements of ethical behavior of public officials, candidates, political parties and third parties.  As no electoral process is ever perfect, we must address what can or should be improved for the next election, that may come sooner than anticipated.

GREGORY TARDI, B.A. (Hons.), B.C.L., LL.B., DJur., served for a long time as a lawyer with Elections Canada and at the House of Commons.  Although currently listed as "retired" from the Public Service of Canada, he maintains his interest in the conduct of public affairs by teaching and writing.  His most recent manuscript, entitled Anatomy of an Election, has just been delivered to a publisher.  He is Executive Director of the Institute of Parliamentary and Political Law and Executive Editor of the Journal of parliamentary and Political Law.

Poster:  Greg Tardi_Poster_Nov. 28_2019

When:  Thursday, November 28, 2019 from Noon to 1:30 pm in SCR 140 McLaughlin College