Rethinking United Fronts and the Far Right in The Contemporary World

Reservations required to attend.
Two locations:
Friday at OCAD University, Room 190, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto
Saturday at York University, Founders College Room 152

Seating is limited. Register below for each event separately (required).

The ascendance of the Far Right across the world – from the US to India – is prompting, among other things: a) a concern that fascism, in one form or another, is returning to political life; and b) inclinations among those in countries facing such developments to confront, as in the past, the transformations with united or popular fronts, linking various progressive movements, parties, and Left political orientations.

Debate has already begun as to the benefits and drawbacks of this approach, based mostly on history. This day-long workshop, Rethinking United Fronts and the Far Right in the Contemporary World, seeks to explore the social and class character of Far Right movements (both in terms of the structural conditions of its existence and the class position of its foot soldiers) as well as the political opposition that is required to confront it. In particular, it will examine whether and how the factors and the conditions in the contemporary world bearing on evaluations of united fronts – and the very possibility and potential nature of such fronts today – are similar to and are different from those in the past. The workshop will also ask on what basis might such fronts extend their reach beyond the struggle against the Far Right and nascent fascism to broad progressive social and political transformation.

The workshop (as part of the York Augmenting the Left series) will draw together a cohort of scholars and activists, based in North America, who will speak to these complex issues that are in urgent need of elaboration. It is organized by the York research collective, ‘Critical Scholarship and Social Transformation’ (

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