SOSC Foundations TA Seminar #4 - Teaching Critical Reading Skills

“How can I get my students to do the readings?”  This is a perpetual challenge for all teaching faculty and TA’s. Academic reading involves a complex set of skills that most students aren’t aware of. This workshop, offered by Learning Skills Services, will help you unpack the skill set needed for effective academic reading, and introduce you to strategies and resources to help you encourage your students to do the reading.

Facilitated by Cathy Boyd-Withers, Learning Skills Services

10:30-12:00, Thursday, November 28 in 701 Ross Building South

All TAs are welcome to attend. NEW first-time Foundations TAs will be paid one hour compensation at the CUPE overload rate. This workshop counts towards the Record of Completion Certificate offered through the Teaching Commons. For more details, visit the Teaching Commons website.

Please RSVP “Foundations Workshop #4 Attendance” in the subject line to

See poster link here.