SOSC Foundations TA Seminar #5 - One-On-One with Students in our Office Hours

January 14, 2020 @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm America/Toronto Timezone
701 Ross Building South
John Simoulidis
SOSC Foundations TA Seminar #5 - One-On-One with Students in our Office Hours @ 701 Ross Building South

Facilitated by Professor Judy Hellman

Looking back over the years since I started teaching and thinking about the best moments I have had interacting with students, naturally many of those occasions unfolded in the classroom. But many more came during my office hours when I was able to sit quietly with individual students, drawing them out on a range of subjects and learning things about them that I could never have imagined if I had only encountered them in class. This workshop explains why.

Professor Judy Hellman ( taught first year Social Science courses from 1972 through 2011, including the first Foundations Course offered in Social Science. She has been appointed in four graduate programs, coordinated the Graduate Diploma Program in CERLAC, was editor of The Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, and currently serves on the editorial board or international advisory board of eight scholarly journals.

14:30-16:00, Tuesday, January 14 in 701 Ross Building South 

All TAs are welcome to attend. NEW first-time Foundations TAs will be paid one hour compensation at the CUPE overload rate. This workshop counts towards the Record of Completion Certificate offered through the Teaching Commons. For more details, visit the Teaching Commons website. Please RSVP “Foundations Workshop #5 Attendance” in the subject line to