SOSC TA FOUNDATIONS: TA Orientation Webinar (all SOSC programs)

Welcome to the SOSC TA Program with Dr. Uwa Idemudia (SOSC Chair), Dr. Paul Baxter (Undergraduate Program Director, SOSC), Dr. Natasha May (Educational Developer, Teaching Commons), & Dr. Natasha Tusikov (Foundations Coordinator, SOSC) 

Are you a first time TA in the Department of Social Science? Are you TAing a 9-credit foundations course? How are these different? What are the basic things you should know about running a tutorial? Where can you turn for help? Find out about the kinds of workshops we run in the Department and the teaching certification programs offered by the Teaching Commons. Whether you are a first time TA or not, join us:

Topic: SOSC TA Orientation (click here to view the information poster PDF)

Time: Monday, August 31, 2020, at 13:30 Toronto time

Join Zoom Meeting: E-mail Natasha Tusikov or your SOSC program coordinator for the link.

TAs from all SOSC programs welcome.

Next Webinar is September 22: Participatory Learning