SOSC Teaching Development Panel #1: Teaching Large Classes Online

Monday, November 9, 2020

13:00 - 14:00
Because collegial communication has been made more challenging by our current work-from-home situations, the department’s Teaching Development Committee is arranging for three Zoom panels to take place this year to promote awareness and discussion over the different approaches and common problems that the move to online teaching has posed for our classes.


This first teaching development panel will focus on teaching large classes specifically. Panel participants will speak for 5-10 minutes about how they have adapted their classes to online format (possibly in relation to the balancing of synchronous and asynchronous elements, methods of assessment, the management of teaching teams, etc.). This will be followed by roughly 30 minutes of informal Q&A to discuss and elaborate on additional points.

Zoom link: 

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This event is hosted by the Teaching Development Committee of the Department of Social Science and is open to all faculty in the department. No registration is required.