The Socio-Legal Studies 2021 Speaker Series Presents Rosemary J. Coombe on "Expressing Posthuman Legalities in Andean Community Life-Projects: Decolonizing Human Rights from Below"

Co-Author: David J. Jefferson

Zoom Seminar > Friday, April 16, 2021 @ 13:00 – 14:30

Zoom Link:

Abstract: Indigenous, Afro-descendant, and campesino peoples in Andean Community countries (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru) articulate resistance to extractivist development through new forms of territorialization that advance community life-projects. Such projects draw upon plurinational constitutional rights, the rights of nature, and biocultural rights, to express a pluriverse that rejects modern divisions between nature and culture to affirm distinct 'naturecultures' or 'socionatures' in need of protection. We identify Ecuadorian and Colombian grassroots struggles to articulate "rights from below" and formulate alternatives to modern extractivist development that recognize other-than-human lives and interspecies relations of care. To what extent might such 'posthuman legalities' shape the future of third-generation human rights and their decolonial futures?

Bio: Rosemary J. Coombe is the Tier One Canada Research Chair in Law, Communication and Culture which she has held since 2001. A lawyer and anthropologist by training, she received her PhD in Law and Anthropology in 1992, teaching law at the University of Toronto before assuming the CRC. Named a York University Research Leader in 2015, she has held visiting positions at Harvard, Stanford, MIT,  Queensland, and Universidad de los Andes.

Dr. Coombe's recent scholarship includes "Ownership of Intangibles" in the Routledge Law and Society Reader (2021), "Archives and Cultural Legibility" in Objectification and Standardization (2021), "Ethnographic Explorations of Intellectual Property" in The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Anthropology (2020), "Aboriginal Community Research: Government and Neoliberal Self Determination" in Governing the Social in Neoliberal Times(2019),  and  "The Knowledge Economy and its Cultures" HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory (2016). Since 2016 she has regularly been amongst the top 10% of authors by total downloads of scholarship on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

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