York University to host prestigious philosophy conference

May 17, 2019 – May 19, 2019 all-day America/Toronto Timezone
York University to host prestigious philosophy conference

The 47th annual meeting of The Society for Exact Philosophy (SEP) is taking place at York University from May 17 to May 19, 2019. The conference is expected to attract scholars and academic philosophers from across the globe.

This year’s meeting boasts an impressive list of speakers including Professor Joan Weiner of the University of Illinois, Professor Philip Kremer of the University of Toronto, and Professor Dorit Bar-On of the University of Connecticut. All three are leaders in their fields, with rich perspectives on linguistics, cognitive science, and logic.

SEP was founded in 1971 to encourage communication among North American scholars interested in theories of logic. Its members are largely philosophers interested in using “exact methods” in philosophy and throughout academe. The Society meets every year alternately in Canada and the United States, and hosts regular devoted members as well as new attendees each year. Its membership and some of its subject matter evolve with the times, but it continues to attract those interested the following topics: logic and its history; the philosophy of language; metaphysics; the philosophy of physics; the philosophy of science and mathematics; linguistics; computer science; and neuroscience.

This year’s meeting is sponsored by the office of the provost, the VPRI, LA&PS, and the department of philosophy. For more information about the conference, visit the 47th Annual Meeting of the website.